Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BEST smartphone with SIM Jio

Jio welcome offer by March 31, 2017 have been Extend and named it 'Happy New Year' offers. The offer all customers new and old can take advantage of. But for this you have to have 4G phones with SIM. Then you can use the offer.
Which phone to take advantage of offers Buy Live
But also the other way so they can take advantage of the offer to you without any hassles. They call Lyf. Reliance Lyf Live Series smartphones to take advantage of the best options. The phone will take you several advantages which will not be buying another phone.
Let us know why the better smartphone Lyf
Lyf is available at a starting price of Rs 3,000 smartphones.

For the first time in India at such a low price is to get a 4G phone. 4G phones of other companies can cost at least Rs 5-8.

Welcome Offer is for 1 year on these smartphones. So to call it a day for a year on buying 4GB 4G of data. Happy New Year to offer SIM users to take still under 1GB of data for 1 day.
Freedom from SIM Activation
Lyf of the process of buying the phone will not have SIM Aktibisen. Which brings users the most trouble. Active SIM to generate bar codes and people already had enough problems. Lyf by phone with the SIM will be active. While the other will not happen with the phone.
Eliminating the hassle of taking the SIM
If you purchase a SIM Free phone will Lyf. You have to purchase the phone for the second SIM will embark in long queues.
Free Offers for longer
Free with this phone offers up to 1 year may be taken advantage of. 1 year in roaming, data, calling, messaging will all free. Live in another phone SIM for 3 months on the run can be taken advantage of the offer.
Powerful hardware at lower price
When a call hot spots, good camera and great battery is then automatically increases its value, but Lyf good hardware in the phone and getting low-cost 1-year free offer too.
Free App Geo year
Happy New Year offer will end 3 months later when the other phone users who use the geo geo apps for smartphones Lyf on but it will not have to pay Rs. The users can enjoy 1 year Live apps.
lyf many options
Lyf's phone users to buy stacks of options. Water, Wind, flame Earth models and many options are available. Rs 3,000 to Rs 16,000 from the many options. Phone call by choosing from which users can purchase according to your budget. 4G model of the other companies in the headphone option is not so. The user will have to spend more money to the 4G experience.
EMI also with cheap 4G
Lyf EMI on almost all smartphones and credit card options. EMI is also an option on other smartphones, but they are rather expensive. EMI option is available on a cheap phone.

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