Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Old Notes 500 & 1000 banned by today midnight! Surgical stroke against Black MoNEY

Prime minister Mr Narender Modi address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 
announced big. He said that the November 8 -9 November 500 and 1000 notes will be closed from midnight. Singh said, "the old 500 and Rs 1,000 Note 10 November-30 December 2016. You can submit your bank account or post office." Addressing the public, he will still be your money, you do not need to worry. If for some reason you were not able to submit till December 30. The note, you will be given one last chance. You have 50 days. All except 500 and 1000 notes notes and coins, and those transactions can be regular. Headlines: -antrrashtryy Airports are coming from or going abroad to the people of the old notes, such notes amounting to Rs 5,000 notes to the new and changing facilities will be valid: Modi -sarwajnik Area gasoline and CNG gas station the night of November 11 to 12 pm will be allowed to accept old notes: PM 72 hours -isi like railway ticket booking counters, public buses and airport ticket counters to buy tickets on the old notes are valid only: PM -11 To 12 pm the night of November in all government hospitals of the old 500 will be accepted for payment Note: PM -11 To 12 pm the night of November some special arrangements for citizens: PM 9 and November 10 ATM will not work: PM

*why RBI is issuing ₹2000 Rupees Notes *

The Rs 2000 currency is designed keeping in mind to eradicate the black money issues using state of the art indigenous nano technology, every Rs. 2000 currency note is embedded with a *NGC (Nano GPS Chip)*

*How the embeded NGC Technology Works?*
The unique feature of the NGC is it dosent need any power source. It only acts as a signal reflector. When a Satellite sends a signal requesting location the NGC reflects back the signal from the location, giving precise location coordinates, and the serial number of the currency back to the satellite, this way every NGC embedded currency can be easily tracked & located even if it is kept 120 meters below ground level. The NGC cant be tampered with or removed without damaging the currency note

*How will this help eradicate black money menace?*
Since every NGC embeded currency can be tracked. The satellite can identify the exact amount of money stored at a certain location. If a relatively high concentration of currency is found a certain location for a longer period of time at suspicious locations other than banks & other financial institutions. The information will be passed on to the Income Tax Department for further investigation

*Just a beginning of the end of black money in India*

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