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How to map our mind with what is Hindu-ism???? Just strike mind..

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  • What are the drawbacks of Hinduism?
Hindus think that Hinduism is a religion which makes it impossible to understand.

  •  Heaven and Hell in Hinduism?
  • Is Hinduism a violent religion?
It is known to have defended itself for many years from Muslims Christians etc and that to ferociously. It is not a religion so it is not a violent religion.

  • Is Jainism a part of Hinduism?

No Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism have their founders so they are religion and Hinduism is not a religion.

  • Why Hinduism appears to be rejected by the western world.
It is rejected because it is considered as a religion which someone follows.

  • Why is cow a revered animal in Hinduism?
Because it gives milk to our children which a mother does.

  • Is Hinduism really a Danger?
Yes, for all the religions it is the biggest danger. And because it teaches you to use your own mind rather than following the book.

  • Why does Indians relay on pseudoscience in order to promote Hinduism?
Ayurveda are Yoga are not pseudo science.

  • Is Hinduism really declining?
What you are observing now is the declined Hinduism.

  • How has Hinduism stayed alive?
Yes because it is immortal and immortal never die.

  • Is Hinduism a religion?
No it is Dharma and totally different from Religion just as Atheism.

  • Is Hinduism a cult?
No because no cult can survive thousands of years. Islam and Christianity are defiantly Cults.

  • Is the existence of Hinduism threatened?
No but it threatens the concept of religion itself.

  • Is Hinduism based on science?
No Science is based on Hinduism.

  • Do some Hindu think that Hinduism is a scientific religion?
Science is a part of Hinduism and Hinduism is not a religion.

  • Claiming Hinduism better than Islam against the spirit of Hinduism.
No, Comparing Islam and Hinduism is against the spirit of Hinduism.

  • Karma and Re Birth the biggest flaws of Hinduism?
They are concepts which give a lot of answers to questions which a religion cannot give so they are strength rather that flaw.

  • How do you explain Hinduism to audience of Diverse Culture?
Hinduism is itself a Diverse culture with Theism and Atheism being a part of it.
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  • What is Hinduism?
It is a Dharma and not a religion.

  • Is Hinduism Misogynistic?
Hinduism has goddesses which are worshipped so defiantly not.

  • Is Hinduism on the Path of Extinction?
In a million years definitely.

  • Is Homosexuality allowed in Hinduism?
Don’t Know. If you need to convert to Hinduism because it supports Homosexuality  then don’t do it. It is not a religion and you won’t get anything out of it.

  • What aspects of Hinduism are wrong?
Tolerate religion and treating them as Dharma.

  • What are Atheist Views on Hinduism?
Atheism is a part of Hinduism and Atheist do not even have the Idea of it.

  • Was Hinduism Democracy?
No it is way better than it.

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  • What is the evidence for or against the validity of Hinduism?
The evidence is one for both of them and that is it has been on the earth for more than 10000 years and it will be there for another 10000 years

  • Is caste and Sati system a flaw in Hinduism?
Both are Adharma and not a part of Hinduism.

  • What is the actual word for Hinduism?
Sanatan Dharma

  • What is Brahminical Hinduism.
No such thing called Brahminical Hinduism.

  • Does Hinduism believe in Evolution?

  • Are fake Babas doing harm to Hinduism.
No one can harm Hinduism. Not even any religion.

  • What is the proof of reincarnation?
Genetics and Independent Assortment.

  • Explain Hinduism?
Hinduism is about knowing your true Nature and exploring the true nature of the world and Universe.

  • History of Hinduism?
Full of Struggles and Survival.

  • Who Founded Hinduism?
God but not as a religion but as a Dharma

  • What is the future of Hinduism?
Future is Hinduism. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.
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  • Original name of Hinduism?
Snantan Dharma

  • Why was Hinduism created?
It was not created as Dharma can never be created nor be destroyed it can only be understood.

  • Do you understand the basics of Hinduism?
Hinduism is the base of all my answers.

  • Is there an Idea of Satan in Hinduism?
But there are Asuras.

  • Do people convert to Hinduism?
No, they purify to Hinduism.

  • Is Hinduism a religion of combination of many religions?
No, it is not combinations of any religion or religions it is Dharma.

  • How to officially enter Hinduism?
The moment you use your mind and reject religion you are officially entered Hinduism. For the formalities it is a short purification process.

  • Is Hinduism Full of fairy tales?
Yes, and each fairy tale teaches you more than a religion can ever teach you.

  • Main Characteristics of Hinduism?
One main characteristic id that it encourages you to know your true nature and discover the true nature of this world.

  • Hinduism religion or culture.

It is a Dharma nor a religion or a culture

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